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Reach & Wash Systems

In 1998 MS Cleaning invested heavily in Reach & Wash, a new and unique product to the industrial cleaning market.

Window cleaning has changed. Gone are the days of window cleaners having to risk life and limb climbing ladders to access windows. Today's window cleaners are using modern technology.

The Omnipole uses pure water to clean windows. Because the water is so pure the windows are left wet and dry naturally. The windows then dry without marks due to the high water purity. There is also no need for detergents.

The windows are first made wet by using the Omnipole to deliver purified water through the brush head, the window is then gently scrubbed and finally rinsed. All with the operator's feet firmly on the floor.

The pure water is supplied by our own in-house system. This is specially designed with a high-tech reverse osmosis water purification system. Fibre Glass Omnipoles are extended so they can reach up to 60 feet from the ground. These are supplied with the pure water from our vehicles. All our vehicles have been specially designed and installed with the required specialist equipment.

All Omnipole cleaning takes place with the employees feet firmly on the ground alleviating you, Our Client, from the Health and Safety concerns regarding the fitting of eye bolts, specialised access equipment and the criteria for using ladders over three and a half metres high.

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