MSC Access Enterprises ltd

Health & Safety Statement

The company recognises that it has responsibility for the health and safety of its employees and that of others who may be affected by the activities of the company. The companys partners will ensure that MS Cleaning complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and relevant associated regulations.

The partners will ensure that risks are assessed and suitable and sufficient measures are adopted to allow each employee to carry out his/her duties safely and without a risk to health. Suitable equipment will be provided and maintained in a safe condition, and safe systems of work will be devised.

Each employee will be made aware of his/her responsibility for his/her own health and safety and that of others. All employees will be given the opportunity to consult with the partners on matters relating to health and safety or to appoint a representative to do so.

Where necessary the partners will arrange or provide suitable training for both management and operatives, in particular where new work practises or equipment are introduced.

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