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About Us

MSC Access ltd have been supplying premier industrial window cleaning solutions to the nation for over 40 years. We are one of the leading cleaning companies in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire region with many contracts up and down the country with some of our original clients that we have retained for 40 years.

In 1971 Michael Stone, a 27 year old entrepreneur and Yorkshire man, decided to set up his own company to supply cleaning services to his home town of Sheffield. Thirty years later the company is as strong as ever and has grown into a truly family business.

Micks wife Anne is the company secretary, but these days Mick and Anne have largely stepped back and left the day to day running of the business to their son Philip, as is inkeeping with the companies family ethos.

Through the personal touch and care provided by the family they have been able to retain some of their original customers, from over 40 years ago.

In 1998 the company made a significant investment in new technology. This has enabled MSC Access Ltd to remain as one of the premier commercial industrial window cleaning companies in the area. This investment in the Omnipole/Reach & Wash has revolutionised the cleaning industry and is explained within this website.

Omnipole/Reach & Wash has greatly improved access to some of their sites and reduced the need for the hire of some hazardous access equipment. It is also very environmentally friendly, using water with purity in excess of 99%. This alleviates the need of the use of any detergents. It is also less hazardous, requiring infrequent use of ladders and access equipment.

The company prides itself on its significant corporate image and its dedication to its valued clients.

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